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Veronica Vazeri is a Gender Communication Educator and certified Relationship Coach.
She is passionate about all aspects of human connection, helping men and women to achieve their greatest potential through understanding each other’s language differences and communication patterns.
Veronica knows how to make sense of endless misunderstandings that haunt our relationships and show that men and women interpret the same conversation differently.
She teaches gender differences in the way of speaking and helps men and women to overcome communication barriers with the opposite sex in both professional and personal settings.
She has spent 20+ years in a range of professional environments, breaking social and gender-based stigmas. Before she embarked on her mission to help people build better communications, Veronica had worked as a diplomat interacting with Heads of States, Ministers, Royal Family members, CEOs, and beyond.
She has also held Director-level positions in highly functioning male-dominated environments in, such as largest global network of CEOs, strategic advisory and oil & gas sector.
Combined with her media exposure, which include TV interviews given from Russia to Pakistan, Veronica enjoys transforming her clients’ relationships through the art of communication.