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You can stop the guesswork!

Relationship science tells us that love and respect is not enough. Having the right skills is what makes a relationship work and last.
Benefit from Veronica’s lifelong quest to understand human psyche and relationship dynamics. She has analyzed, distilled systematised the body of latest research in relationship knowledge into unique, powerful and effective methodology that works.

This framework is designed to increase self awareness, insight into ones boundaries and understanding of gender dynamics within oneself and the others.

By reaching an understanding of our perfectly complementing differences, we can establish personal authenticity and gain relationship harmony at work and at home.

Veronica guides her clients in building healthy connections with self and others, and in developing gender intelligence – an inclusive mindset that values differences instead of sameness. Her framework is equally effective with individuals, couples, and organisations.

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Meet Veronica

Veronica Vazeri is the founder of The School of Human Connection (www.theschoolofhumanconnection.com), gender intelligence and relationship literacy educator and a certified relationship coach.

She is passionate about all aspects of human connection, helping people achieve their greatest potential through understanding their own communication patterns and those of others’.

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Veronica’s highly sought-after courses and talks guide people on gender intelligence, communication, work-life harmony, and more.
Veronica’s talks are customised to each audience and offer practical insights – with hands-on assistance, real-time feedback, and solid take-aways that CAN and WILL change your life!

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What Our Clients Say


I found ‘The change your love choices’ workshop very empowering. At first I felt confronted by the content but knew that it had hit a place within me that I needed to nurture. Veronica was well informed and she delivered with a caring heart.
I feel that energy has since shifted within me to allow a change to take place.

Joanne M. May 5, 2018

Blown Away!

I highly recommend Veronica's The Empowered Women's road to workplace confidence course! My mind is completely blown away by the tools and skills l have learnt and the unexpected inner shift I have experienced during this one day course.
Thank you and blessings for your amazing work Veronica!

Suzette Hattingh October 5, 2019


It was a very insightful look into polarity (masculine vs feminine energy) and how to navigate the first 12 months of a relationship. I realized that I still have a lot to learn! She is clearly dedicated to her work and is very patient and understanding. I appreciated the structured and objective approach. Looking forward to the next workshop!'

Nathaniel Johnson September 11, 2020


I don’t feel trapped, resentful, or guilty anymore. Instead, I feel empowered and free. And I can’t stop thanking Veronica for this.

Mira Va September 11, 2020


If you ever wondered how to have a happy relationship, what actually a happy relationship is and how to navigate in it, Veronica answers that question during her lecture. I have very much enjoyed the workshop, the information is offered in a very understandable and interactive way. I want to thank Veronica for giving me this opportunity, it's great to see that she is really passionate about what she does and actually, does it really well!

Irina Kolomietz September 11, 2020


Veronica Vazeri is one of the wisest, most insightful women I have the priviledge to know. She is has studied her subject extensively and has a wealth of experience gained both at home and abroad. I think this is what makes her so unique and talented at what she does. Plus, she really understands people and she really cares.

Christian Syme September 11, 2020


Wisdom tempered with solid qualifications, heart and poise...

Christina Busuttil September 11, 2020