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You Don’t Have to Feel Stuck

Men and women speak different languages. They communicate in different patterns and for different reasons. Ignoring those differences leads to wrong assumptions, gross misunderstandings and relationship failures both in the workplace and at home.

Pretending these differences don’t exist hurts women, who continue to be judged by the norms of men; as much as it hurts men, who continue to speak to women as they would to men and get surprised when their words spark resentment or anger.

Hire Veronica to learn about the gender differences in the way of speaking and transform your personal or professional relationships by taking those gender differences into account and adjusting to each other’s equally valid but different styles.

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Meet Veronica

Veronica Vazeri is a Gender Communication Educator and certified Relationship Coach.

She is passionate about all aspects of human connection, helping men and women to achieve their greatest potential through understanding each other’s language differences and communication patterns.


 Which area are you ready to transform?

Couples Communication

Communication is the secret to a successful marriage. Under this umbrella of courses, you’ll find what you need to make things work and reignite the spark. Turn this ongoing drama into the ultimate romance!


Workplace Communication

If you are building successful corporate career, your relationship skills need to be top-notch. Do you want to tap into your inner-leader? Sharpen your communication and assertiveness skills? If yes, our courses are for you!


Book Veronica as Your Speaker

Veronica’s highly sought-after courses and talks guide people on gender communication, healthy boundaries, workplace confidence,  and more. Veronica’s talks are customised to each audience and offer realistic, practical advice – with hands-on assistance, real-time feedback, and solid take-aways that CAN and WILL change your life!


What Our Clients Say


I found ‘The change your love choices’ workshop very empowering. At first I felt confronted by the content but knew that it had hit a place within me that I needed to nurture. Veronica was well informed and she delivered with a caring heart.

I feel that energy has since shifted within me to allow a change to take place.

Joanne M. May 5, 2018

Blown Away!

I highly recommend Veronica's The Empowered Women's road to workplace confidence course! My mind is completely blown away by the tools and skills l have learnt and the unexpected inner shift I have experienced during this one day course.
Thank you and blessings for your amazing work Veronica!



Suzette Hattingh October 5, 2019