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The Empowered Woman’s Road to Workplace Confidence

Millions of women worldwide battle to strike a healthy balance between self-love and leadership prowess. In many cases, the problem is rooted in one thing: A lack of self-belief. This leads many women to underestimate their own skills, doing nothing but hinder their progress.
To solve this, many women continue to adopt a completely outdated “alpha-male” behaviour mode, in an attempt to survive the workplace. Few women know of the much more powerful solution – the FEMININE model – an effective way to achieve your goals without “becoming like a man.” In fact, your diversity as a woman is the most powerful tool in your toolbox.
Workplace self-assurance refers to the ability to inspire confidence in everyone around you – from your peers to your superiors. Self-assurance flaunts your capabilities, competence, and leadership, whether you’ve just entered the game or are a seasoned pro. Self-assurance breaks the chains of self-doubt, injecting you with radiant confidence so you can bring your every goal to life. Self-assurance is both an art and a science – and it’s not as tough as you may think.
This course is designed to help women thrive in their male-dominated field, finding balance between success, power, and femininity.
x Communicate and inspire confidence
x Find and express YOUR unique voice
x Embrace feminine body language to be seen AND heard
x Sharpen your negotiation skills
x See yourself through the eyes of others – dress for success
x Asset your workplace boundaries
x Stop trying to walk and talk like a man
Are you ready to feel empowered and communicate your values with confidence – without compromising your authentic self?
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The Art of Workplace Communication

Whether you are just entering the workplace or already heading a corporation, the way you communicate will determine your success or failure. The power of good communication cannot be underestmated – you need it to boost your sales, to move up the career ladder, to collaborate with your team-mates, and to motivate your employees. 
Ask yourself:
X Are you beeing heard, seen and understood by people in your workplace?
X Do you know how to say no without damaging good will?
X Are you able to resolve confilcts effectively?
X Are you good at negotiating, be it a pay rise or business deal?
In this workshop you will learn:
  •  Effective communication techniques
  • Conflict resolution tools
  • Negotiating skills 
  • Authentic Body Language and Non-verbal skills
  • Setting Healthy Boundaries in the workplace
                                                                                                                                                                            [fusion_separator style_type=”none” top_margin=”4px” bottom_margin=”4px” sep_color=”” border_size=”” icon=”” icon_circle=JOIN NOW

Balance Your Life

We only have one life to live, one life to laugh, love, and cherish. The special moments we share with our loved ones and do what we love doing are precious, but how much time do we actually have to live them?
As a woman in a professional setting – you carry more responsibilities than ever – demands are increasingly high both at home and at work.
Ask yourself:
– Is your work taking too much of your time?
– Is it sapping all your energy and you have none left to enjoy your life outside of work?
– Do you constantly feel on the verge of burning out?
In this workshop you will learn:
 Assess which area of your life needs balancing right now;
 Learn how to integrate your work and life successfully and enjoy both;
 Discover top time-management and boundaries setting tips.
Can you have it all? Yes, you can! Join this workshop to learn how!